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Spectrosocpy Instruments
Atomic Force Microscope
Educational Instruments
X-Ray Diffractonmeter
TeraHertz Instruments
Optics & NLO Crystals
Thickness Monitoring
Intregrated Systems
Lasers & Accessories
LED Measurement
Laser Beam Profiler
Wavelenght Meter
TE Cooled Camera
Opto- Mechanical
Thermal Camera
USB Microscope
Solar Simulator
Material testing
Analytical Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
Environmental Chambers

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About us
Research India with 3S provide complete Sales, Service & Support

Research India is complete solution provider for R & D market in the field of Laser Spectroscopy,Fluorescence Studies, Solar Cell Characterization etc....

We offer system/setup integration, and provide software solution for complete data acquisition and data analysis

We are located at Singrauli Bhopal,Delhi & Haldwani

We provide pre-sales and after sales services on behalf of their overseas principals, Our engineers help customers in selecting allied equipment which make part of complete system solution

We provide After Sale Support in all respect.

Our best advantage to the customer is helping them in finding the suitable product according to their application & technical specification which save our customer’s valuable time.

As we deals with many makers from Japan, Germany & USA due to which we can provide better & different option to customer for their requirement which help them to compare the prices & technical specification in better way
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