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Laser Beam Profiler
For Measurement and
analysis of the intensity
distribution of laser beams
in the wavelenght ranges UV, VIS and NIR
Laser Beam Profilers
Laser Focus Beam Profiler
Compact detectors suitable
for laser focus analysis
( > 2 m) in industrial
applications for laser powers of up to 1 kW.
Laser Line Focus Beam Profiler with Linear Stage For monitoring long line foci.
Driven manually or via
software controlled stepper
M Monitors for Laser Beam
Quality Determination
M Monitors for rapid beam
quality determination.
Variable Laser Beam Attenuators
With manual or stepper
motor control and for
vacuum applications.
Wavefront Sensors According
to Shack-Hartmann Principle

Sensors for the characterization
of wavefronts and aberrations
of optical components.
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